Birmingham Quality, UK NEQAS [Edinburgh], Guildford Peptide Hormones, Cardiac Markers (Glasgow) and Guildford Trace Elements are jointly undertaking a user survey with the aim to identify the main drivers behind the procurement of EQA Services for Clinical Chemistry.

We hope to use the results from this survey as part of the continual improvement of our services. There are 14 questions which should be answered taking into consideration the service you receive from any and all the UK NEQAS Clinical Chemistry centres. Any additional comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

1 What were your reasons for registering with a UK NEQAS Service in 2018/19? (Choose all that are relevant by ranking each response from 1 as the most important to 5 as the least important)

2 How do you rate the quality of the service provided overall by the UK NEQAS Clinical Chemistry centres?

3 Are there any specific Clinical Chemistry Schemes which could be improved in relation to the number of specimens and frequency? Why?

4 Do you find the electronic personalised reports clear and informative?

5 What features do you find useful on all reports available to you, which aid you in the assessment of analytical performance?

6 Who reviews your EQA reports?

7 Are there any improvements which could be made to the design of individual, and design of network reports to allow you to better assess your different analysers, and to assist with your requirements for ISO15189:2012?

8 Are you satisfied with the communication (phone and email) between the UK NEQAS centres and yourself? If not, what can be improved?

9 UK NEQAS has a reputation for exploring assay analytical characteristics with challenging specimens and undertaking surveys of practice and interpretative exercises. Do you value these aspects of the Schemes? Any comments would be welcome.

10 Who makes the final decision for procurement of EQA services?

11 Are there features of the UK NEQAS service which you particularly value, and which are not provided by other EQA organisations?

12 Do you participate in non-UK NEQAS Schemes for any analytes for which you also participate in a UK NEQAS Scheme? If so, we would be interested to know why.

13 Are you using other EQA Providers’ Schemes? If so for which analytes?

14 Are there additional features of non-UK NEQAS Schemes which you would like included in UK NEQAS Schemes? If so, what are they?

Any other comments/suggestions?

Please provide your contact details if you would like us to respond to your comments. We are always happy to receive anonymous feedback.